Settings and tricks, to solve Windows behaviors that can make you lose hours / days of work

2020-08-24 11:04:48

POWER-KI installation on Windows Server

With the addition in POWER-Ki of OpenCv and of the cameras support, it is required the presence of the Media Fundation libraries, that by default lack in Windows Server and so you have to install them.


Open "Server Manager Dashboard",
in MANAGEMENT select "Add roles and features"
in Select Features add "User Experience" which will install Media Foundation and User Interfaces and Infrastructure.

Applications restart on start up

Inserted (and enabled!) In Win10, this function causes the restart for example after an update, Win reloads the programs that were running. This can collide with other reboot control systems.


Go to Settings\Account\Access Options and DISABLE the option "use my information..."

Temporary files cleaning

The function of cleaning temporary files can cause problems as it deletes, on the basis of simple non-use, files that applications may have parked in the temporary directories (in previous versions of Win they were deleted only on restart). In recent versions of PWK, a change has been made to protect it, but in non-updated versions, this functionality can cause problems such as the disappearance of the backgrounds of the pages.


Update POWER-KI and the NativeCloud Clients to the lastest version. To disable the function in Windows: in SETTINGS\Storage::Confgure Memory Sensor, DISABLE check to "Detele temporary files not used by the apps"

Execution with privileges

To perform some functions, the Operating System requires that they be performed with elevated privileges. Win 10 imposes stringent constraints, and some functions (e.g. setting the time with DT_TIME) that were legitimate on previous versions of Win, are now no longer executed, except precisely raising the privileges of PWK.


- Navigate to : C:\Program Files (x86)\XPLAB\POWER-KI
- use the right mouse button to open PWK-EXC-00.exe properties
- in the COMPATIBILITY panel enable "Execute as Administrator"

At this point, when you are asked to run a PWK program, a Windows form will appear requesting for confirmation of the application's ability to make changes.

It happens that in operating systems (not only Windows), for various reasons, often arbitrarily, functionality is inserted or eliminated causing sudden changes in the behavior of applications. The search for the causes and any corrections can require a considerable effort. On this page we report the known ones, as they emerge.