The POWER-KI programming language for IA

Develop solutions from Factory Automation to Web Application

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From this page you can download POWER-KI packages. For non-commercial use PWK can be used freely (read the End User License Agreement of Use). POWER-KI is easy (and fast) to install. Choose the package you need, download it, install it and begin to explore the new way of programming.

Each package contains:
- setup.exe;
- the .msi installer;
- Microsoft redistribuitable;
- (the try .lic file - if developer distribution).


On your pc you shoud have Microsoft .net 4.52 or above. If it is your first installation, you can run the enclosed setup.exe that download any missig prerequisite software.

DEVELOPER edition (1_DEF.zip)

WorkBench and all the tools for developing PWK applications.

USER edition (2_DEF.zip)

To run PWK applications on your pc.

CLIENT edition (3_DEF.zip)

The lightweight client for PWK native Cloud applications.

How To Uninstall

Simply delete [:-(] the program folder "..\XPLAB\POWER-KI" and the links on deskTop.

Other useful link

Microsoft .NET 4.5.2


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