Collection of POWER-KI programs for educational use


Much more than a calculator

Written in POWER-KI, performs not only calculations, but also formulas with parameters and mini programs that you can save in library.

2020-09-28 12:20:25

How To Build a Powerful Calculator

In this demo the built of a powerful calculator in less then 8 minutes with POWER-KI.

2020-08-24 11:51:39

INTEL RealSense2 Wrap DLL

Wrap demo for the 3D Intel RealSense2 L515 and D435 cameras.

2020-08-24 11:51:39

Snap7 Wrap DLL for Siemens PLC

Connection Library for Siemens PLC

Client & Server Demo program for the S7 Siemens PLC. Into the Pkg, it's included the VC2019 project of the WRAP DLL.

2020-08-24 11:48:24

Speech To Text

Speech to text convertion with POWER-KI and Microsoft Cognitive Services

PWK demo program complete with native WRAP DLL. In the package, it is included also the VC2019 project template.

2020-08-24 11:39:48