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POWER-KI enterprise serve

PWK-ES Enterprise Server

Locally or from internet, manage Users, applications, services.

PWK-ES Enterprise Server provides , locally or worldwide, user access to your applications/services through Native Cloud technology. Also allow you to manage user, groups, application and services.

2014-08-25 10:00:07

PWK-ES is an application written in POWER-KI which provides:
- user acces and autentication;
- software list for user;

Native Cloud

PWK-ES is able to provide its functionality on the local network or through the Internet. On the local network can coexist multiple instances of PWK-ES. The applications can be run on the server with user interface in Native Mode Cloud, or be downloaded / executed on the user's PC.
Log and software list

Administrative services

Administrators can define:
- Users and User Groups,
- Applications (including non PWK) and enabled users/groups;
- Services to launch on the server;
- downloads.
Administrative tools

PWK-ES is a valuable tool which makes easy the management and the distribution of applications on the network.


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