Il Client

Allows you to connect to a PLC, known IP and any access parameters. In the case of the 1200 and 1500 PLCs, in order to access the DBs, it is necessary that they are not Optimized and that Full Acess and the PUT / GET option are enabled. The defined display profiles can be saved.

Il Server

The Server allows to define multi data areas (retentive) and to save the profiles. For each area, the data in Hex or Ascii format can be viewed, and it is possible to inspect the individual data in the main formats.

Siemens PLCs occupy an important position in Europe, being able to communicate with them is therefore fundamental. POWER-KI implements numerous protocols to do this: IEP1, ModBus, OPC-UA and now we have added the WRAP DLL to Snap7.
Snap7 is an excellent work, created by the engineer Davide Nardella, which allows connection with practically all Siemens PLCs: 200, 300, 400, 1200, 1500, logo. In the demonstration we have created, it is possible to activate both Client and Server mode. The package also contains the VC project of the WRAP dll, so anyone who wants to can have fun implementing the features that we have omitted.

To execute the demo, you have to install PWK distribution exec or developer (Download button at the top)