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A look inside XAILS CMS

A powerful CMS (Content Management System) written in PWK

The XAILS platfom allows the easy creation and management of high performance webSites, webApp and eCommerce, fully customizable, connected in Real-Time with the IT infrastructure of the Organization.

2014-08-20 18:37:22

The site you are now viewing is managed by a XAILS web-Applicatios. In this article the inspiring philosophy and an overview of some key features.

A little bit of vision

The vision that inspired the project XAILS, as the overcoming of the classic web site, can be summed up by 4S:
- SMART: real-time adaptation;
- SOCIAL: user involvement;
- SERVICE: functions for users;
- SKIN: separation between display mode and content.
XAILS vision


A XAILS application is constituted by two PWK applications : the Front, which responds to requests from the internet, and Back (office) for content management. The two applications share the site definition document (odt). This solution, which separates the display elements from content, allows to minimize the work necessary to achieve the maximum of customization and performance.
XAILS architecture

Superior Performance

One of the first objectives of the project was to achieve superior performance. Due to the fact that XAILS was developed in PWK, it was not difficult, in fact we were able to eliminate the web-server, and make a fine tunnig at every level.

BackOffice QuickTour

Let us now make you do a quick tour of the back office functions. Access to Back can be done from any PC connected to Internet, using the services provided by PWK-Es Enterprise server (user autentication, application access and distribution ..).
PWK-Es access and XAILS main Menù

From the main menu, you can access:
- the Log page, which is updated in real time with the user data: date / time, load time of the page on user browser, source, access location ..;
- The supported languages page. New languages can be added at any time;
- the global text page, in the various languages instances.
Real-Tìme log, languages, global texts

In the site, as described by the document definition, can be inserted pages and contents-pages. The pages typically contain contents-pages that can be published on social network. The publishing process involves a hierarchical control.
Page creation and management

The work of content entry, is similar to building something with Lego bricks. The various available elements, as defined by web designer, can be instantiated, defined, moved, deleted. With the preview button the actual result can be verified.
Page content editing

Image management is one of the crucial points of each CMS. XAILS-Back provides powerful tools that make it super easy. You can upload images of any size, if they are not suitable for publication on the web, X-Back activates functions for resizing. You can create crop, change size, create derivative images and much more ..
Image management

From the Products page, you manage prices, quantities and you can see the confirmed orders and those placed in shopping carts. The products pages operates as those of the contents, so it is possible to achieve for each of them the more adequate representation.

The Social page allows, with a simple clik, the publication on social pages of the Company.
Products management and Social Network publication

XAILS is an outstanding example of what can be achieved with PWK


The XAILS sitePWK-ES Enterprise server


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