How many ways can POWER-KI greet a friend ?

Very simple program... to start.

2020-08-24 11:44:38

From command line

In the CIAO-01, the greeting will be sent to the command line, by a single ASSEMBLY file (.pka).
The attributes of the configuration VAR pwk \ Executor are first set:
- the start logo display is eliminated;
- output on the operating system console is enabled (CONS_OS = YES);
- console is mantained at the end of the program (CONS_OS_PARENT = Continue);

The instructions are put in an EXO Main code:

stdout ("Who are you?"); !! displays the question;
name = stdinp; !! waits for the reply line;
stdout (£ Ciao..nome); !! he salutes.

From a form.

In this second example, we'll create a Package (.pwk), that is an application complete of a GUI and all the needed resources.

In the GUI we'll define:
- a text field, to insert the name;
- a button to send the greet (using a SIGNAL with valor "click");
- a LABEL to show the greet.

The MAIN shows the page and then stay awaiting the closure.
The GUI element make all the work:
- wait for the "click" to respond with a greet;
- wait for the CLOSE to command the MAIN to terminate itself.

If he could speak! ... it speaks!

Components can be added to the GUI pages to create voice output interfaces in a simple way. To also have an interface with conversion from speech to text as input, you can take a cue from the "Speech To Text" demo. By combining the two ...

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