Install POWER-KI

Instructions about how to install POWER-Ki on your computer.

The first lesson, in these tutorial, is about the POWER-KI installation, an operation that is surprisingly quick (internet permitting).

2020-08-24 11:43:57

Summing up
1) in this page you click on [DownLoad] and go to GitHub
2) you have to enter in the package folder and there you can choose what distribution to download
3) if you PC does not have installed yet, you have to download the Microsoft VCredist and to install them
4) launch the installer, at the first installation the system will require you a license, that you can find in c:\PWK-PRG

The video is real time, so you can verify that are required less than the 5 minutes declared in the cover of this lession :-)

The distribution packages, like those of the software, of the examples and demos, are on, reachable by the DownLoad button of the menu above. There are three PWK distributions: Developer, Executor, GUI. If you just need to run the programs: Executor; if you need to install a Client: GUI; if you want to develop in PWK: Developer.

Next tutorial: CIAO-01

POWER-KI folders

Installation puts the PWK executables in the folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\XPLAB\POWER-KI and it creates the following folders.

--- PWK-PRG : For the PWK applicatives
--- --- RES : resources (backgrounds, buttons ..)
--- --- TW : Tool and Wiz
--- --- WRP : user Wrap

--- PWK-EXG : Support (f.e. for the GUI download)

--- PWK-TMP : for the temporaneous files