Speech To Text

Speech to text convertion with POWER-KI and Microsoft Cognitive Services

PWK demo program complete with native WRAP DLL. In the package, it is included also the VC2019 project template.

2020-08-24 11:39:48

Installation and use

You must have downloaded and installed POWER-KI (EXECUTOR or DEVELOPER distribution). Download the demo from the link on this page. Once the program has started, it will be necessary to enter the Microsoft Key, the region and the language code.
Once it is connected, it will start the convertion, that you can terminate with [STOP].

The program

In the Package, in addition to the ASSEMBLY, the GUI and the resources, you will also find the WRAP DLL and the support ones. We have also added the VC2019 project and therefore, if you want, you can extend the functionality of the application both from the PWK side, e.g. inserting the possibility to save the texts (easy) or intelligent bots (a little more complicated), and on the service side: in the WRAP not all the possible features have been implemented.

The program is still a useful example, in fact in a few lines of code there are the GUI, the asynchronous processes (THREAD and TRIG) and the use of the WRAP DLLs in a pseudoNative way complete with documentation for the Editor Assistant and for the Function Composer.

This demo program, freely downloadable, uses the Voive WRAP DLL to connect to the Microsoft Cognitive Services and carry out the continue conversion of the speech to text.
Both the Preview and the final conversion are displayed. In order to use it, you will need to obtain the Key from Microsoft Azure (search for Microsoft "speech" in the marketplace).

In order to execute the demo, you have to install exec or developer PWK distribution (download button at the top)