TDM40 - The Smart Factory 4.0

Software architecture 4.0 to manage a Smart Factory.

POWER-KI application to manage productive departments in a brass fitting factory.

2020-08-24 11:32:42

Main technologies.

Native Cloud

The management application are Native Cloud, therefore usable from all the stations where it's installed the Client Gui.

KB1 instead of the DB

This is a very innovation, PWK's KB1 (Knowledge Base) is used instead of the DB, that is normally used in this sort of applications.

Comunication protocols

For the comunication with the automation devices, it has been used many protocols, supported by PWK:
- NetLink;
- ModBus.

The TDM 4.0 project is set by a series of POWER-KI applications that implement the system of supervision and active 4.0 support of the production, in a factory that produces brass fittings. From the approach, to the technologies, everything has been innovative. The project is described in the pubblication that you can find below.

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