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Divergent programming key points.

2016-04-20 14:45:51

Divergent Programming key Point

Divergent Programming (DP) is implemented by Divergent Programming Languages (DPL).

strong reflective capabilities

separation between: flow, data, code.

no paradigmatic approach to code creation but the freedom to create.

externalization of user interface.

Divergent Programming benefits
(based on POWER-KI against VS C++)

Programmer Training:

- 2/3 weeks.

Software Production cycle:

- development time reduction from 30% to 70%;
- maintence costs reduction from 50% to 80%;
- easy takeover of new programmers;
- automation of software production.

Software quality:

- OnTheLine tools for test and debug.

Best area:

- client / server;
- business, management ;
- factory automation;
- Iot;
- web.


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