Much more than a calculator

Written in POWER-KI, performs not only calculations, but also formulas with parameters and mini programs that you can save in library.

2020-09-28 12:20:25

If you happen to use the Windows calculator or even excel sheets to perform simple calculations, this application may come in handy. In fact, in addition to performing calculations, formulas with parameters, it is able to execute mini POWER-KI programs, thus allowing those interested to approach Coding.
The formulas can be saved in libraries, which can be distributed to other Users, this allows it to be used as a tool to support teaching.
It is free and OpenSource, so you can modify it to your liking. It is included in the distributions of POWER-KI that you find on GitHub, of which we give the link below.

download from GitHub

If you just want to run the application Click HEREIf you are also interested in developing applications Click HEREIf you want to view the manual (you can also find it in the app) Click HERE