How To Build a Powerful Calculator

In this demo the built of a powerful calculator in less then 8 minutes with POWER-KI.

2020-08-24 11:51:39

In the video you will see the necessary steps. Since the program will have a user interface you will have to create the package where you can insert the graphic resources (background images), the GUI (Graphic User Interface) and then the Assembly with the executable code.
Note that to connect the Gui to the Assembly we used the Wiz PkaFactory which is an extension to the WorkBench written in POWER-KI.

In the extended version PWK-CALC-02 the calculations performed are saved in a history log from which they can be reloaded.

The calculator that we propose to make (in 8 minutes) is very powerful. In fact, it can resolve algebraic expressions, and also make use of variables. In addition to the mathematical operators, the POWER-KI functions can be used. Below you will also find a more elaborate version that allows you to store (and reuse) the operations performed. Even if you are not interested to learn how it works, you can simply download and use it, you will find that it is much more comfortable than the one made available by your operating system.

Download PWK-CALC-01 from gitHub (executable Open Source)

Download PWK-CALC-02 from gitHub (executable Open Source)