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POWER-KI is a Divergent Programming Language (DPL), powerful, easy to learn, that allows the production of a wide range of applications. It is designed for use in the professional field. The development environment is complete with all the necessary tools for editing, testing, multi-threads debugging and deployement. The main advantages deriving from the adoption of PWK are: speed in development, reduced maintenance costs of applications, improvement in quality, possibility to implement adaptive solutions in an easy way.







POWER-KI gives you the means to enter the "Divergent Programming" (DP) space. With it you can develop applications, in some ways, surprising. Despite this diversity, it is not difficult to learn, the only real difficulty is cultural and lies in the acceptance of its basic concepts.

In PWK there is separation of: flow, code, and symbols (data). This separation, however, is consistent in the reunification program (assembly).

A striking example of how much a PWK application can be surprising, is the new PWK-Inspector, which allows not only the remote debugging, but also the RUN-TIME MODIFICATION of an application during its real execution, without the need of restart.

Extrusion Press supervisor - with 3D synoptic, animated in real-time .
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